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3D Picture Viewer 1.3

Search, view and scroll through pictures in a 3D mode
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3D Picture Viewer is a Windows utility that enables users to view any image on the computer in a 3D domino style carousel for easy finding. To view pictures users just need to click on it and the pictures can be scrolled quickly or slowly by using the mouse.

Just like Windows Vista and Windows 7, there is 3D window scroll (Win + Tab). 3D Picture Viewer transforms the typical picture thumbnails into a 3D Flip changer or switcher to easily swoop them through. These are displayed in a bigger size than what you would normally see and is what makes the process of searching for an image faster.

3D Picture Viewer is now perfectly compatible with PNG picture format and users can change the color of the display background. Great program which lets users view pictures in a bigger size and find them quickly, all for free. It works with Windows 7 as well as all x64 bit Windows versions.

Users must note that the condition for this utility to work is that the Microsoft Framework version 3.5 and up must be installed. And the downside is that it is only advised in fine print so it can give a headache trying to get it to work not knowing this.

Max Santillana
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  • Displays pictures in bigger thumbnails
  • Scrolls through pictures in carrousel
  • Compatible with Windows x64 systems
  • Free


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